The imbalance of the neurotransmitters: When Glutamate gets a bit groggy.

Glutamate sounds like a pokemon but it just is another neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages in the brain by “exciting” neurons that are sensitive to it. Although it plays a vital role in learning, memory, and brain development, too much glutamate can be toxic.

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Glutamate is the most abundant neurotransmitter in our nervous system. It is involved in virtually every major excitatory brain function (simply initiating a neuron to carry out it’s specific function, just like turning on the light switch for the light to ‘turn on’, leading neurons to ‘fire’ to carry out their function). It is estimated that well over half of all synapses in the brain release glutamate, making it the dominant neurotransmitter used for neural circuit communication.

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In the brain, groups of nerve cells form neural circuits to carry out specific small-scale functions (e.g., formation and retrieval of memory). These neural circuits interconnect with each other to form large-scale brain networks, which carry out more complex functions (e.g., hearing, vision, movement).

In order to get the individual nerve cells to work together across these networks some type of communication between them is needed and one way it is accomplished is the neurotransmitter functions, this is where glutamate plays an important role in this by strengthening or weakening signaling between neurons over time to shape learning and memory.

When it’s a bit too high

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At high concentrations the increased cellular activity caused by glutamate results in over-excitation of nerve cells, which eventually leads to cell death.

Glutamate is also converted to GABA ( previously mentioned) and a disruption of these NT levels may leave further imbalance in neurotransmitter levels.

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GABA induces a stop of a function and glutamate a go.

Increased glutamate concentration in the brain may contribute to induced seizure development, depression, ALS ( the condition that lead to a lot of cold water buckets going over peoples heads!) and even Neurodegenerative conditions associated with memory, like Alzhemiers.

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Glutamate also partake in transmission of pain and itch sensation. Thus contribute to chronic pain. A lot more possiblities for the the many possible symptoms of MS!

When levels are low.

Inadequate amounts of this NT can result in symptoms such as:

  • Insomnia.
  • Concentration problems.
  • Mental exhaustion.
  • Low energy.
  • psychosis, coma and death

Glutamate in daily life

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Glutamate is essential in the overall communication between the nerves, as mentioned above it helps for the entire network to convey the nerve signals with each other on a small scale leading to the fullfillment of the overall purpose of the entire nervous system.

Our regular cups of coffee and tea also play part with glutamate, caffeine increases the amount of glutamate which means, the nerves are more excited, aware and the reason why so many of us need it every morning ( or night for some) to be ready to function and be a bit ready for our day!

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Another explicit example would that of the effects of alcohol consumption; Glutamate is like the mother of your brain, keeping things in order. Alcohol decreases overall brain activity and normally, glutamate would induce an action of a needed reaction and keep things ‘under control’ but under the influence, there is no limit to how crazy things can become!

Why You Want To Drink More Alcohol Despite Being Quite Drunk?

Yes very sciency, but like always, it’s good to know what’s going on behind those closed curtains in our bodies and I think the picture below is why it can definetely be helpful to know about those ‘boring’ things sometimes!

As always guys; stay safe, Covid is still very confusing but stay strong and enjoy the sun whilst it shares its rays!

The imbalance of the neurotransmitters: When Norepinephrine gets a bit nasty.

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Getting straight into things; norepinephrine, also called noradrenaline is a neurotransmitters that also serve as hormones ( a gentle reminder, this too isn’t a name for a sexually transmitted infection!) As hormones, they influence different parts of your body and stimulate your central nervous system. Having too much or too little of either of them can have noticeable effects on your health.

As a neurotransmitter, it is important for attentiveness, emotions, sleeping, dreaming, and learning. Norepinephrine is also released as a hormone into the blood, where it causes blood vessels to contract and heart rate to increase. Norepinephrine plays a role in mood disorders such as manic depression.

Fight or flight.

The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.

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The general function of norepinephrine is to mobilize the brain and body for action. Norepinephrine release is lowest during sleep, rises during wakefulness, and reaches much higher levels during situations of stress or danger, in the so-called fight-or-flight response.

It’s something that helps us to become ready for duty when we are in a dangerous situation, in the 21st century in the west, it’s not exactly the fear of being eaten by a lion or chased by a monkey but it helps to react in the right way we would need to do so, thus flight or fight ( I guess maybe a reason why some people are always prone to either one).

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When it’s a bit too low

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  • Loss of alertness
  • Memory problems
  • Depression5
  • Lack of arousal and interest
  • Foggy brained
  • Fatigued
  • Unmotivated

When it gets a bit too high.

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A somewhat high NE activity level makes you happy, and a really high level makes you euphoric. Many recreational drugs get people “high” by increasing levels of norepinephrine (and the related neurotransmitter dopamine). It is also why some people like doing extreme aactivities for the ‘thrill’, like jumping off a bridge or out of a plane ( with a parachute or rope obviously) or pragmatic folks with having cold showers to get the rush in alertness and energy ( think that’s a sport in itself!).

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Conditions linked to high NE activity include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Chronic stress
  • Bipolar disorder (the manic phase, heard this before right?)

In everyday life

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Along with the fight or flight response and other NTs, NE helps people pay attention and focus in the course of their daily activities. It help you solve problems, plan ahead, understand others’ actions, and control impulses. It kind of helps keep us alert and able to adapt when we may have changes in environment or surroundings, or simply speaking; helps deal with stress!

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Surely now the effects of neurotransmitters in our bodies are a lot more clearer (only a few left to discuss!) and when there is damage affecting levels of them leading to the somewhat taboo, confusing and tirelessly mentioned; mental health!

And why Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that can quite literally have a very bad luck of the draw in its extremist of ways. Manic depresssion, extreme euphoria or even between the two being a bit bipolar!

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As always guys, I continue to hope I’m not the only one finding these things very interesting but wish you all well and in hope that a second wave of the Covid won’t distrupt our lives again!

The imbalance of the neurotransmitters; when Gaba gets a bit grumpy.

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Just a bit of humour to start!

So there are more than just 2 Nts that make massive impacts on our psychological functions and understanding in our lives.

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No, not lyrics to a song, it’s another one of those neurotransmitters. Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is another one (it’s not a name of a transformer!) that not only plays a huge role in our daily interactions, functions and abilities but is one that is impacted by the nature of MS and even further by the medication that may commonly be used to treat certain aspects of the condition, which as expected would only complicate things further and open up a range of other possible dangerous psychological side effects that can even be fatal.

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The normal biological response when GABA plays its role to initiate a stop in other neural activity.

GABA is considered an inhibitory neurotransmitter (the key that goes into the lock) because it blocks, or inhibits, certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system thus hindering or preventing an actions.

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it produces a calming effect. This can help with feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear. It may also help to prevent seizures.

Too much?

Why You Want To Drink More Alcohol Despite Being Quite Drunk?

If these NTs are too many in number, they limit the actions of other parts of the entire body that would otherwise ‘keep things under control’.

The example that can be given; alcohol consumption does the exact same thing, increases GABA and thus limiting functions of the brain. GABA is that which keeps us alert of when to ”stop’.This is the primary reason why many regretful decisions are made when under the influence of alcohol, like sending that very risky text message, getting a bit too friendly with the wrong type of people and not realising you’ve had too much and being very keen for another drink!

The high amounts lead to an over relaxed feeling, which is why ‘everything goes’. Elevated GABA levels can also lead to slurred speech, unsteady balance, and unclear thinking, things which are also very commonly seen when a person is quite evidently drunk. It leave us a bit too relaxed and sedated, which is something that wouldn’t be very practical in daily life, being unable to focus and think clearly are obvious barriers in a daily routine and most definetely in a work setting!

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Too little

Although many take supplements to increase their GABA levels as it is a NT that isn’t very available in foods that are consumed, it can most definetely help when levels are too low. Some of the conditions that may arise due to a low amount of GABA can be;

  • seizure disorders.
  • movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease or more directly related, tremors.
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • anxiety.
  • panic disorder.
  • mood disorders, such as depression.
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So yes again, more avenues for the many common issues that are well known in the entirety of Multiple Sclerosis.

GABA in our daily lives

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Because of it’s inhibiting of activity of neural activity, GABA facilitates sleep, reduces mental and physical stress, lowers anxiety, and creates a calmness of mood. We may not realise but it does do quite a lot. Along with glutamate ( yes another NT to be covered) it is an important contributor to the body’s overall mental and physical homeostasis, or balance (the biological balance, not the reason why MSers may be prone to falling over!).

I know this may bring back nightmarish reminders of the topics hated in school days but hopefully this is slowly starting to highlight how the damage caused by MS can result in the mass confusion in many different ways.

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As always guys, I appreciate those keeping up with my posts and wish you all well!

The imbalance of the neurotransmitters; When Serotonin gets a bit silly.

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fancy image of neurotransmitters going between nerves (on the right).

Hopefully we are now glued up on what neurotransmitters are and how they work, especially the overall effect that they carry when there is damage. Dopamine was one of the important NTs and equally important is serotonin.

What is Serotonin?

No, it’s not food poisoning, a sexually transmitted disease or even a buddy of the infamous Covid flying around.

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It naturally regulates moods, resulting in:

  • being happier
  • feeling calmer
  • able to focus
  • less anxious
  • more emotionally stable (duh?!)
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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays part in the psychology of a human. Serotonin impacts every part of your body, from your emotions to your motor skills. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabiliser. It’s the stuff that helps with sleeping, eating, and digesting. Serotonin also helps with a long list of other things from stimulating nausea, healing wounds and maintainng bone health, so yes it’s quite something.

When it’s too high.

Serotonin syndrome occurs when someone has an excess of serotonin in their nervous system. The condition’s symptoms generally fall into three categories:

  • Altered mental status (irritability, agitation, restlessness, and anxiety)
  • Neuromuscular hyperactivity (tremors, shivering, muscle rigidity, and muscle spasms)
  • Autonomic hyperactivity (rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, sweating, and fever)
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In extreme cases, it can lead to hallucinations, seizures, psychosis and if untreated this can lead to death, yes you may feel elated but is there such a thing as a ‘happy death’?

When there’s not enough?

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There are several possible effects of low levels of Serotonin in a human body. On a psychological basis, this could lead to difficulties like:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Panic Attacks.
  • Insomnia.
  • Irritable bowel.
  • PMS/ Hormone dysfunction.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Obesity.
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Where do we look in MS?!

By the discussion of just the two mentioned NTs, the lobes of the brain and the cognitive functions all being jeopardised, it is hard to directly pinpoint a lot of the cognitive/ psychological issues to a certain cause, obviously only made even harder with the possible side effects of medications that aid the imbalance further.

It makes sense why a lot of the psychological conditions are very common and prevelant in Multiple Sclerosis (with either random bouts or ups or down reaching extreme levels due to the damage) and is why once an MSer may visit a neuropsychiatrist (just a fancy title for a psychiatrist that specialises in neurology!), it hardly is ever just that one meeting!

In a way, a lot of things people may take to feel those ‘out of this world’ experience, you kind of get the whole package for absolutely free with MS, but it isn’t really all that!

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Serotonin in daily life.

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The release of this NT in normal daily habit may not be so explicit, rather just we have good days and bad days, or even good hours to bad ones, without realising that there usually is a direct cause of it.

Sunlight, excercise (even if that’s just a walk), remembering and remenicing happy events, even massages and the food we consume are things that result in an increase or decrease of Serotonin production in the brain. Similarly to the Dopamine, listening to music or engaging in prayer also has an enhancing effect of this NT too, obviously depending on the type as some things are arguably ‘music’ nowadays.

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And a common favourite, numerous times a day (for me anyway); caffeine has also shown to increase both dopamine and serotonin, maybe why one cup of tea or coffee hardly feels like enough!

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Boiling down to the two mentioned NTs, dopamine which gets us feeling happy and serotonin that regulates our mood. It shows further, why when there is such damage to the nervous system, that there are many possible fluctuating psychological conditions that are needed to be dealt with. Some with drugs, some with therapy and some even with self treating oneself , the need to find ways or avenues to overcome something that sometimes, even the specialist don’t really know what to do!

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As always guys, bit sciency but I like to try explain things properly! As the attempt of easing out the lockdown in the UK have started, stay steady and strong guys, keep those dopamine and serotonin levels active and hopefully Covid19 will soon just be a memory for the history books!